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Normal Topic Cat won't eat (Read 4,645 times)
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Cat won't eat
Dec 13th, 2011 at 8:31pm
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I just adopted a new kitten of 3 months age. She is not eating anything! I gave her some cat food, nothing! I gave her fish and milk, no response! She just meows and purrs and sleeps in my lap. She follows me around from room to room and will only sleep on my lap. I had her vaccinated yesterday. Please help! I never had pets before. Is there something I'm doing wrong? She only drinks water and peed twice on my bathroom mat. She has not pooped. I'm really worried!
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Re: Cat won't eat
Reply #1 - Dec 14th, 2011 at 1:16am
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A 3 mo old kitten who doesn't eat can go downhill very quickly, so get her to a vet first thing tomorrow morning at the very latest. If she seems at all weak tonight, get her to a veterinary ER tonight.

Many felines are lactose-intolerant and should NOT be given ANY cow dairy products (milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, etc.). It can give them severe diarrhea and dehydrate them badly. If you want to offer your kitten milk, buy only lactose-free milk or kitten milk replacer (KMR or similar).

Kittens should be fed only kitten food (preferably canned) or all-stages food - not adult cat food. Kitten or all-stages food contains extra nutrients that kittens need for proper growth and development. Fish is not an appropriate dietary choice.

Call whoever you adopted the kitten from and find out what she was eating there, then get that same food. Once you get her eating again, you can very gradually transition her to a different food, if desired.

For now, though, get her to a vet right away to be checked. The vet may need to administer fluids and assist feed her to get some nutrition into her. Vaccinations can make any animal feel pretty funky for a few days, so it may just be that she isn't feeling well right now. Regardless, you don't want to take chances with a young kitten who isn't eating.

I wish you the best with your new little girl.


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