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Normal Topic Cats and Dogs: The Apples and Oranges of Pets (Read 1,898 times)
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Cats and Dogs: The Apples and Oranges of Pets
Aug 3rd, 2011 at 10:27am
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Cats and Dogs are like the north and south pole of the animal world. The basic similarity between the two animals is that they are both considered beloved pets. An anonymous small child said it best, “Kittens are fuzzy, dogs are fuzzy, I love them both.” In fact, while cats and dogs have quite a few similarities, they are as different as apples and oranges.

A main difference between cats and dogs is the way in which they associate with their owners, or human companions. Cats often tend to fall under the category of being a loner. Their owner may come home after a long day of work, and yet the cat offers no welcome. While they do interact with their companions, they do not need to. They can often be alone for long periods of time without being lonely, or missing their companions. Dogs, on the other hand, are more high maintenance emotionally. No sooner does the companion walk in the door, than their K-9 friend come running, ready with many licks, barks, and other various forms of affection.
Another way in which one find the differences in these two pets is by looking at their schedules. Dogs tend to be daytime creatures, exerting most of the energy during the daylight hours. cats are nocturnal they prefer to do their thing at night. Early daylight hours, when the light of morning finally hits their companion’s face, the cat is nowhere to be found. After much searching the cat is found, sleeping like a baby.

Another key aspect when dealing with pets is communication. Cats and dogs both use verbal and non-verbal communication to tell their owners what they need and how they feel, but the similarities stop there. When a dog tries to communicate it has a few ways to do so, such as barking, whining, growling, pawing, nudging, and even giving those sad puppy dog eyes. The
Verbal communication of dogs really can differ depending on the breed of dogs. Certain breeds use more barking, while others rely on their whining sounds for attention. Although cats also use verbal communication, theirs tend to be more standardized across the breeds of cats. Cats can meow in different tones to try to get you to know what they want. However cats use a lot of non-verbal communication via feeling and touching and even looking at what they want. Cats will rub against your leg, often perferring physical communication over verbal. Some cats will actually walk right up to what they want, even if it is something like their companion’s dinner.

Both cats and dogs have a tendency to roll on their backs when they want their bellies scratched.*Dogs-Cats.php

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I Love my pets!

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Re: Cats and Dogs: The Apples and Oranges of Pets
Reply #1 - Aug 6th, 2011 at 7:24am
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Hehe true, nice write up joy Wink
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