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Normal Topic Thought I'd share my story (Read 1,926 times)
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Thought I'd share my story
Jul 18th, 2010 at 8:37am
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I had to have my most loyal companion Mills put to sleep 3 days ago now. I thought I'd share my story for those interested and as alittle therapy for myself.
I received my little buddy about 6 years via a neighbor who talked me into getting a pet. I was kinda against it but went along being that I'm single and live alone. What I got was a little mixed bread furball of a dog who was a mess from the start. A mixture of bad breeding and even worse my ability as a pet owner. I was always a loving owner but I tended to let Mills get away with to much. He was a very independent dog and was agressive on occasion to me and my company. We had some rough stretches.Needless to say the first 2 years was a transition for both of us.
As time went along we learned to love each other. He was still independent and was never a lap dog but he started taking to me. We coexisted as he was mainly an inside dog. Only going outside for walks with me on a leash to use the bathroom and exercise. 
I guess I didn't know I had gotten as attached to him as I had. In year 3 he started having back problems so I took him to the vet. They basically told me it was common in small dogs and there wasn't much I could do. Just manage his pain and if it got to bad I'd have to get him put to sleep.
Well that day came last thursday. It all seems like a blur to me now. His back had gotten so bad he couldn't walk. I chose to have him put down. I've been stuggling with this decision even though I know deep down it was the right think to do.
I notice now just how close we had got and feel guilty that I really didn't cherish the short 6 years we got to spend together. We had our share of loving moments but for the most part we just lived together. I showed him plenty of attention and always made sure he was taken care of. I just wish now I had of enjoyed having him in my life more will he was here.
The little things will be the hardest to get over. Sharing bits of my supper with him and our daily walks.
So I guess he moral to my story is that you should enjoy the time you have with your pets because you never know when its going to end. Heres to you Mills. RIP buddy......
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