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Normal Topic Rabbit Agility? (Read 1,567 times)
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Rabbit Agility?
Jan 28th, 2010 at 5:13pm
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I have two Mini Rex rabbits that are sisters and turned 2 last November. And  I am interested in doing rabbit agility with at least one of them. Mainly because I can't show them in breed shows because even though they are purebreds their colors disqualify them. So I thought agility would be fun! So I am wondering if there are anyone on this forum that does rabbit agility and that could offer me some tips! I would greatly appreciate any!
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Re: Rabbit Agility?
Reply #1 - Nov 21st, 2010 at 1:02pm
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XD, that sounds hilarious!
Well I have never heard of such a thing but when I did a google search this is was the most useful site I found.

"To start your rabbit jumping the jumps first train the rabbit to walk on a leash with a harness. After your rabbit is comfortable walking on the leash, have the rabbit walk up to a low jump. A short jump such as a 2" x 4" board laying on the ground, and let it sniff if it would like to. Say the word "jump" and give the rabbit a slight gentle boost over the jump....praise and give the rabbit a little piece of treat.

    Repeat this stage of training until the rabbit will walk up to and jump over the board. After the rabbit is doing well at a low jump add another jump about 5 foot behind the first jump. Make the second jump a bit higher but made to resemble the first jump.

    Take the rabbit over the first jump and up to the second jump. Say "jump" to the rabbit as it approaches the second jump. If the rabbit jumps it, praise and treat the rabbit. If the rabbit does not jump the second jump, give it a slight boost as you say "jump".

About the age of rabbits that you begin training for agility or hopping. I have heard that only rabbits that are 4 months old should be taught to jump. I have heard others say any age rabbit can learn. I believe that it will depend on the amount of time you have spent with the older rabbit. No, if you rabbit is just out there in a hutch and has been for a couple of years with little if any handling.....this rabbit is not a good candidate. However, if you have spent time with that older rabbit, housed inside or out, and if it is used to you and used to being handled, by all means try this rabbit at jumping."
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