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Normal Topic Brown's Hypertrophy (Read 2,625 times)
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Brown's Hypertrophy
Nov 6th, 2009 at 4:25pm
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Hi, I have a female Parakeet that I believe has Brown's Hypertrophy. What I am wondering is if it needs to be treated or if she will be fine. Huh She acts fine. (Except for times where she gets cranky and takes it  out on the male (or what I think and hope is a male, I hope I don't have two females) but he holds his own and is able to get away since she doesn't chase him. It is just a short ordeal where she all of a sudden doesn't want him sitting next to her but when he moves she is fine. So if anyone can please tell me if this is treatable and needs to be treated that would be great! I am having some financial difficulties due to a cut in work so hope that this won't be an expensive ordeal.
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