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Normal Topic (In Memory Of) Concord: ? - August 8, 2008 (Read 1,901 times)
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(In Memory Of) Concord: ? - August 8, 2008
Oct 9th, 2009 at 5:36pm
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Now, I have had a few pets die on me before. Plenty of fish (They eventually succumbed to Ich, which happened so fast and hit so hard that there was nothing I could do but stay by as much as I could to watch them frolic around the tank in their last hours. At least they seemed joyous before passing on.), an iguana (The power went out one night, and I didn't know it. Iggy was buried the next morning.), a rabbit (She died suddenly from what appeared to be a heartattack.), and even a beloved hamster (An adopted dog, Bear, caught Rosie by the leg due to a family member not securing her cage latch tight enough. I found her in a hole under the win cabinet, huddled up. I had no money for the vet at the time, and disinfected the wound as best as I could. The next morning, she was buried with her cage padding and some favourite treats.). For each of them, I have mourned and I have moved on with the comfort of my cats by my side.

Concord was the most recent casualty, having passed on more than a year ago. She was your typical young Kenyan sand boa, complete with Halloween colours and an extreme lazy streak. I bought her for a relatively cheap price, much to my wallet's relief, and held her in one hand the whole way home. Accordingly, she didn't eat for the first half a week in her new environment, but a few days later, she consumed a whole pinky mouse (and what a sight it was!). It was then that she began exhibiting a few odd behaviours. For the next two weeks, she didn't eat a thing; the people at the pet store said that this was normal for such a small snake, but I was wary. The week after, she ate again, though much less enthusiastically than the other time I had observed her.

Then things got bad. Every two weeks, I'd put a pinky mouse in her tank, nice and warm and ready for her to eat. She never touched it, even after the second two weeks. I became seriously worried about her and, still trying to figure out a way to pay for a vet visit, went back to the pet store. It was THEN that they told me that the snake, then named Concord, hadn't eaten like she should have in her time within the pet shop. Infuriated, I left with Concord who had obviously been sick for most of her short life.

Finally, after scrounging up enough to go schedule an appointment with a certified herpetologist, Concord was examined. He found nothing wrong, initially, but told me of a way to force feed my snake in a safe way. From then on, I would be feeding Concord twice a week with a concoction of warm water, pinky mouse, and earthworm all mushed up and delivered via oral syringe. This went on for a few weeks, and Concord seemed to get used to having her jaw pushed open and brown sludge forced down her throat. After each feeding, I'd coddle her close to my heart and let her rest.

And one night her warming bulb flickered out, and she was unable to digest her meal. That, coupled with the sudden decrease in temperature, led to her death. In the morning, I went to check on her, finding her laying atop her sand without a heat source. I flipped her over; Concord was dead, rigor mortis set in, with what appeared to be internal intestinal hemorrhaging.

Naturally, I was heart broken and canceled everything I had planned for the day to mourn. In a final decision, she was carefully curled up in the container which carried her frozen pinky mice and covered with a little sand, buried right out front next to some bushes and vibrant red flowers.

I've moved since then, but I will never forget her final resting place. In her memory, since only two blurry picture were ever taken of her curled around my fingers, her name has been used countless times as my official online username. This way, even in her short life, Concord will never be forgotten.
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