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Normal Topic Sherman 2 (Read 2,062 times)
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Sherman 2
Jan 17th, 2008 at 9:06pm
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I saw that Temptest moved my original posting.  THANK YOU...I am new at this and want to make sure it will go where someone who may know what is going on - will read it.  This is my daughters hamster and she is so very upset and worried that he is suffering.  I don't even know if our vet sees hamsters - she has always treated our dog and I know she sees both dogs and cats - but not sure about hamsters.

God bless to all.
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Re: Sherman 2
Reply #1 - Jan 19th, 2008 at 7:51am
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SHERMAN IS FINE!!!!!!  Took him to the vet and all that was wrong with his paws was that he got into something sticky (STILL tyring to figure out WHAT) and with his nails so long - he gathered poopie, bedding and other bits and pieces under them, and could not get it off.  We were afriad to touch the paws, in case it hurt him, but if we had of - we would have figured it out.
Vet cleaned it off, cut the nails, clipped his little toothers and he  was as good as new.  The weight loss was probably due to him not being able to pick up his food.  They can lose weight very rapid she told us.
ALSO - the boxed food we give him is not nearly enough to sustain his nutrition. . .although we give him veggies and fruit as well - she told us that veggies (Kale, spinach, raw sweet potato, cabbage) are better to give than the fruit. Watch the sugar veggies (carrots, peas) and watch the fruit sugars as well - the seeds in his box food are nothing but sugar! So Glad we took him in, and he is up and running and whew!!!!!
I realized that no one replied to my posting - not sure if anyone really knew what to say.  Even the vet techs were not sure what was wrong with him when we got there...they too thought he had some growths growing.

Thanks for letting me plead for help - and then share the good news.

God Bless
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Re: Sherman 2
Reply #2 - Jan 20th, 2008 at 10:51am
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GrinI just saw your this morning (01.20.08) and was about to reply.  I'm so glad to hear your hammy is better, they are so little you just don't know what to do for them.  I have a hamster named arnold and we did took him to the vet because his feet were red and somewhat bleeding but found out it was due to his mesh wheel, so we just bought him another with no holes or groves of any kind that should work for him.  The vet we take him to is a avian vet who also takes care of small critter animals, she is very good. Glad everything is ok Smiley

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Re: Sherman 2
Reply #3 - Jan 24th, 2008 at 7:07pm
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THANKS ADRIEN ~  Sherm is still doing very well and has put some more weight back on.  My daughter and I are so greatful that we took him into the vet.  Hope all is well with Arnold.  These little darlings are such wonderful pets - family members!  Take care and THANKS again for your kind words and concerns.
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