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Normal Topic could it be FIV (Read 1,676 times)
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could it be FIV
Aug 19th, 2006 at 6:24pm
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I am asking this for a friend:

The cat has tested negative for FIV, but her eyes always has gook in the corners, and her anus always has a little blood on it which turns into a black crusty substance.  The vet gave her a cream to put on it and didn't seem too concerned.  Her stools have also been soft but it is not diahrrea.  She has been treated for worms and tapeworms in the past.  Otherwise, she acts healthy.  She has had all of her vaccinations and is on flea control.  She is about 4 years old and was found as a stray in extremely poor condition.  She has been on antibiotics and treated for sore eyes twice.   Even though she tested negative, could it be FIV or is there something else that could be causing these problems.  Also, her kittens seem to be having the gooky/watery eye problems and soft stools but not the bloody anus.  Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Re: could it be FIV
Reply #1 - Aug 21st, 2006 at 10:22am
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Was the FIV test ran "in-house" or was it sent out to a lab? If she is concerned about FIV, she should request that the vet send the test to an outside lab. Their tests are much more reliable.

What you are describing does not necessarily sound like FIV. The gook in her eyes could be from an upper respiratory infection or herpes virus. Many times strays acquire herpes viruses from other strays. In most cases, Herpes viruses are not curable, only treatable. Also, it would explain why the kittens have the same problems. Herpes viruses are very contagious!

As for the bloody anus, has another stool sample been taken? Is she an outdoor kitty?
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Re: could it be FIV
Reply #2 - Aug 21st, 2006 at 6:58pm
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I think the test was done at the vet's office, but I am not totally sure about that. 

She is an indoor only kitty.  The last time she took her to the vet and asked if it could be worms causing the problem, the vet acted like it was not serious and gave the cat another dose of dewormer.  I will tell her about the herpes virus.  Thanks.
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